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Eyes of the Explorer - Tour of Marie Sharp's Farm, by Nyesha Arrington
Eyes of the Explorer - Tour of Marie Sharp's Farm, by Nyesha Arrington

Eyes of the Explorer: Hopkins

June 13, 2019
See Belize through the eyes of chef and traveler Nyesha Arrington in episode 3 of our 4-part video series, sponsored by the Belize Tourism Board. Meet up with the women that are preserving Belize’s culinary traditions on this laid-back stretch of southeastern coast. Tour Marie Sharp’s famous hot sauce facility that’s been cranking out the heat for 30+ years, then learn about Garifuna cuisine at Palmento Grove, starting with the crack of a fresh coconut and ending with a rich fish curry.

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Cyrilla's Chimole | Garifuna
Cyrilla's Chimole | Garifuna "Black Dinna"

Cyrilla Nunez has worked for Ms. Marie Sharp for more than fifteen years.  Listen to her describe how she makes Chimole, also known as Garifuna "Black Dinna"

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What people say about our sauce's

  • J. Kenji López-Alt
    Dad | Author of The Food Lab | Contributor @SeriousEats | Chef at @wursthall | Beatles lover | Crypto-husband | Feminist | Relaxed and groovy atheist.


    "Tasting the new jerk chicken sausage sous chef @zjpd has been working on. Needs a little more ginger, allspice, and smoke before it’s ready for the big time. We tried multiple ways to incorporate scotch bonnet/habanero flavor into the sausage in an efficient and reproducible way. We ended up using @mariesharpsusa’s habanero sauce for flavoring. Lots of heat and fruity pepper flavor and a nice hit of vinegar too."

    J. Kenji López-Alt & Erik Drobey

  • Marie Sharp's  🇧🇿‏ @MarieSharps Marie Sharp's  🇧🇿 Retweeted Evan Hadfield | Evan, can we quote you?

    | @Evan_Hadfield Replying to @tkingdot "Marie Sharps is what every hot sauce wishes it could be."  

    @Evan_Hadfield Replying to @MarieSharps

    "Are you kidding I eat your sauce on everything I own of course you can quote me."

    11:07 PM - 24 Apr 2019

    Evan Hadfield -

  • Shelley Klein Weinstein Courtney  recommends Maya Mike . February 3 at 10:14 PM

    "Probably one of the tastiest Hot Sauces I’ve EVER had!!!"

    Shelley Klein Weinstein Courtney - CoFounder, Hot Sauce Holsters

  • Recommends: Maya Mike Belizean Barbacoa All Purpose Sauce

    Such an unusual blend of pure, unaltered fresh ingredients from whole fruits and veggies. From roasted garlic to scorched raisins, the ingredients can't get any better or blend any better together...

    Add a kick to your other condiments, sauces, and salad dressings as well as a variety of spicy dishes or add their mild hot sauce (white label) for a flavor boost, minus the heat. I'm hooked on all of 'em. Best be extra nice to me, or I may not be inclined to share! 😃 Buy your own bottle(s) at and enjoy!"

    Susan Boyoung Bailey

  • Mish Samuil Rieser recommends Maya Mike . December 5, 2018 

    "Really great flavor and heat profiles! I got all three for me and a couple more as gifts. Will definitely get more as my stash decreases!"

    Mish Samuil Rieser - Chief Spreader of Madness at Jelly Madness

  • r/hotsauce • Posted by u/ddarkstar 11 month ago 

    One of my Favorite Marie Sharp's sauces...What's your favorites? Any other carrot based types out there?

    I am addicted to this woman's hot sauces. I actually spoke to her a couple of years ago about getting bulk delivery. She was so sweet. My favorite is the Grapefruit Pulp Hab, followed by the one you are holding. I buy them ALL, and am stressing out about the fact that I am down to two bottles. I love the Sweet Habanero on pork chops. I know I am mentioning a lot about non-carrot based Marie's....I am just sooooo addicted to her sauces, I am glad someone else is too.

    Shane Fromaggio

  • Laurie Lonergan  recommends Maya Mike . December 5, 2018

    "I enjoy the variety of flavors and heat and like to use as a marinade for meat and veggies on the grill; the rich, smokey flavors add kick to any meal. I highly recommend all of them!"

    Sophia's Mom

  • 4.7K Views · Watch Roger March 23, 2018  · Belmopan, Belize · Roger Hale of Lamanai Chocolate drinking Belizean Barbacoa sauce!

    "...I am going to drink it, oh that's good!  If you want something extremely delicious, but very different, then this if for you!"

    Roger Hale - Owner Lamanai Chocolate | Mile 43 Hummingbird Highway, Belize

  • Not enough Marie Sharp's love on this subreddit! . it's so good in my opinion. I've noticed that it has become more available recently. maybe its gaining traction

    I think the standard white label "Hot" version of Marie Sharp's is the most versatile sauce I've ever had. I think all of their sauces are good, but when the sauce has fresh fruit in it, it's not even fair comparing it to most other mass-produced sauces. This lady is totally crushing it, and people are on here saying Cholula, or El Yucateco, or whatever is the best sauce? If you want hot for the sake of being hot, there are a million sauces that can do that. But this one has the best taste.

    Weird Snack

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