Burger and onion rings with Marie Sharp's Red Hornet Pepper Sauce
Celebrating 40 years

Rescue Bland Food

Bloody Mary drink with garnish and Marie Sharp's Fiery Hot Habanero Pepper Sauce

The Fiery Lady

(move over Bloody Mary)
Ice cream sunday topped with Marie Sharp's Sweet Habanero Pepper Sauce


chicken wings platter with Marie Sharp's Beware Habanero Pepper Sauce

Bring on the Heat

Mango chicken tacos with Marie Sharp's Mango Habanero Pepper Sauce

Mango Vibrations

Tasty Tropical Fruit
Your favorite flavor is back

Rule Your Patio

Impress your guests with Marie Sharp’s versatile, exotic sauce full of tropical aromatics and rich umami flavor.
Your Favorite Flavor is Back

Belizean Barbacoa

Pro Tip: Add 1/4 cup to your burger, slaw, and slow-cooker recipes.
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How is the world's best hot sauce made?


“Marie Sharp's...is extremely popular among hot sauce enthusiasts — and for good reason. It's chunky with a bright and fresh vegetal flavor from habaneros, carrots, and lime juice. The balance of acidic tang and sweetness from the carrots is just right. If any hot sauce could be called refreshing, it's this one. Try it on anything from Jamaican food to fancy cheeses.”

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“This stuff is the real deal, and you'll see it on virtually every tabletop in Belize. The ingredients include onions, garlic, tomatoes, and a number of other flavorings, but all you really taste is that sweet, fruity habanero. It has a relentless heat, in part because of added pure capsicum oil. It's (Belizean Heat) one of my favorites.”

J. Kenji López, American Chef and Food Writer
J. Kenji López
American Chef and Food Writer

“All the sauces, from Hot Habanero to Belizean Heat, achieves the perfect balance of flavor and heat.”

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“Marie Sharp invented one of the two best steak sauces in the world.”

Roger Ebert
Roger Ebert
Film Critic, Chicago Sun Times


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