Original Hot Pepper Sauce

Fresh red Belizean habanero pepper, hand chopped carrots, natural vinegar, hand chopped white onions, hand harvested snowy white sea salt, freshly squeezed key lime juice, and fresh garlic - Mindfully made in Belize, Central America



This is one of the original recipes, from the late 1980's, that fueled a revolution.  Marie progressively added increasing amounts of pepper, and less carrot, to meet the demand of the heat lover.  Soon other flavors emerged in her world famous line of pepper sauces. 

Marie's sauces are revered for their balanced, clean habanero fruit bouquet, gorgeous velvety texture, and exquisite fresh taste.  

They are elegant, structured, with a clean finish.  Marie's sauces are non-fermented, they lack the astringency and acidity found in common vinegar-based "hot sauces".

Marie Sharp's Caribbean sauces are called "Pepper Sauces" revealing the focus on the fruit or vegetable versus vinegar.

Think of how versatile a carrot is and you can appreciate why this particular recipe is so well suited as an everyday sauce for all occasions and dishes.

Marie Sharp's most popular recipe, the white label, is the #1 selling Habanero Pepper sauce on the planet, available in more than 30 countries.

Customer Reviews

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Brandon Junso
Amazing Sauce/Horrible Shipping/Excellent Customer Service

The Original Hot Pepper Sauce is my favorite hot sauce I have had. It doesn't have a close second. My initial experience with the order was good. No problems. Unfortunately, neither one of my two orders survived the trip. I ordered three bottles of the Hornet Sauce, and they all arrived broken. A day later, my two cases of the Original Hot Pepper Sauce showed up, and as soon as I picked up the box, I knew there were problems. Both boxes had broken bottles...eight bottles in total...which made a HUGE mess inside the box. I had to hose the rest of the bottles down with a garden hose in my driveway. But my experience with customer service was excellent and I was refunded the amount for the broken bottles. The shipping department needs to under stand that the words FRAGILE and GLASS need to appear on the outside of the box, not just the inside. On both shipments, no markings existed on the exterior of the boxes to indicate they are fragile. If you fixed this, you likely would have to refund a lot less.

Aleksei Tarasov (Raleigh, North Carolina)

Love the sauce only thing there was some small styles issue on the checkout page. I might have seen unprocessed HTML/Javascript Text. Just decided to say to help :) Thank you very much.

Elena Budjako (Woodstock, Georgia)
First Tasted in Belize

The first time I tasted Marie Sharp’s pepper sauce was aboard the Belize Aggressor 4 Liveaboard Dive yacht. I was hooked!

tattooed (Staunton, Virginia)
My go to sauce

This has been my go to habanero sauce for years now and I finally decided to buy a case of the large bottles. Couldnt be happier with the purchase and it won't be long before I'm placing another order.

Erick Roden (Denver, Colorado)
Best Hot Sauce Ever!

I first came across this sauce in Belize 20 years ago. Fell in love with the flavor and taste. It goes great on just about everything. The right amount of hot with a mouthful of flavor!