🍌 Belizean Banana History 🌱 - Marie Sharp's Company Store
🍌 Belizean Banana History 🌱

Bananas are sexless and ours are no different in Belize.  What is different, is we can take naturally ripened bananas and make products out of them and that's what we do with our Marie Sharp's Cavendish Naturally Ripened Banana Jam.  

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Mayan Cacao SuperTeas - Marie Sharp's Company Store
Mayan Cacao SuperTeas

Learn a bit about Roger Hale and Lamanai Chocolate in Belize.

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Who is Roger Hale - Founder, Lamanai Chocolate - Belize - Marie Sharp's Company Store
Who is Roger Hale - Founder, Lamanai Chocolate - Belize

We meet Roger Hale, founder, Lamanai Chocolate in Belize, for the first time.

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