Word is getting out about this cult-status hot sauce

Belize, Central America. Land of the ancient Mayas who, according to legend, built a city of gold. Also, a modern-day haven for tourists who crave astonishing natural beauty, warm locals, and lush vegetation. And, now, a destination for those with another craving: hot sauce.
When she started experimenting with flavors in her kitchen more than 40 years ago, Marie Sharp wasn’t setting out to influence the international hot-sauce scene. She was just a middle-aged woman who was obsessed with making a high-quality habanero/carrot sauce blend from her farm’s fresh fruits and vegetables.
cook testing flavors for Marie Sharp's hot sauce
But, Marie’s knack for creating fresh and exciting flavor combinations was such a hit with family and friends that she started selling her product and soon hired an employee. As word of Marie’s hot sauce continued to spread, American tourists vacationing in Belize started smuggling it back in their suitcases. This popularity with Americans eventually led to Marie’s being the first nationally distributed pepper sauce in the U.S., and the #1 distributed pepper sauce globally (with a presence in 30+ countries).
Bowl of beans and rice with Marie Sharp's habanero pepper sauce standing by, with the Caribbean Sea in the background.
A woman-owned business, Marie Sharp’s farm currently employs about two dozen workers, with 85% of her workforce being female. At age 81, Marie proudly relishes her status as “Queen of Habanero” — in Belize, and in kitchens around the world.

What's so great about Marie Sharp's Fine Foods?

The World's #1 Habanero Pepper Sauce

The favorite in more than 30 countries.


By Belize’s legendary 80 year-old Marie Sharp.


Marie Sharp’s workforce is 85% female.

Farm-to-Bottle Production

With ingredients ripened by the brilliant Belizean sun.

No Shortcuts

Made from hand-harvested, hand-chopped vegetables and fruits.

No Junk

No xanthan gum. No sodium benzoate. Nothing artificial.

100% Plant-Based

Complements all food.


Not fermented. Not vinegar-based.

Time-Tested Recipes

40 years of consistent excellence.