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Discover the Zesty Charm of Belize: Home to Exquisite Hot Pepper Sauce!

Rise of the Habanero

When she started experimenting with flavors in her kitchen more than 40 years ago, Marie Sharp wasn’t setting out to influence the international hot-sauce scene.

She was just a middle-aged woman who was obsessed with making a high-quality habanero pepper sauce blend from her Melinda Estate fresh fruits and vegetables.


Marie's sauce recipes were substantially hotter than common hot sauces of the era.

Where it started

Marie Sharp started making hot sauces in the 1980s, using habanero peppers from her family's farm in the Stann Creek Valley, Belize.

With word of mouth spreading about the irresistible flavors of her sauces, the demand for her products grew steadily. Eventually, she emerged as a renowned businesswoman from Belize.

Marie Sharp's products are sold in more than 30 countries and have received multiple awards for their outstanding quality and flavor.

Marie Sharp | Queen of Habanero

A woman-owned, women-led business, Marie Sharp’s farm currently employs more than 125 full -time staff, with 85% of her workforce being female. At age 83, Marie proudly relishes her status as “Queen of Habanero” — in Belize, and in kitchens around the world.

Marie Sharp's Family Farm

Melinda Estates Ltd. | Stann Creek Valley, Belize, Central America

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