🌐 Why you have to do the Marie Sharp's Factory Tour in Belize

With Marie Sharp’s Habanero Pepper sauce being Belize’s most famous hot sauce, sold worldwide, it is not unusual that fans of the hot sauce wonder where all the magic happens. For those purposes, Marie Sharp offers a full tour of the facility where visitors can see where and how the manufacturing of the pepper sauces takes place.
🌐 Why you have to do the Marie Sharp's Factory Tour in Belize - Marie Sharp's Company Store

Marie Sharp’s Factory Tour

Marie Sharp’s Habanero Pepper Sauce

Sauces are an important part of Central American cuisine and no sauce better epitomizes Belize more than Marie Sharp’s Habanero Pepper Sauce. The flavorful habanero peppers that go into the sauce are all locally grown and harvested in southeastern Belize on a small 400-acre farm with just 17 employees. Still mixed and blended under the personal supervision of Marie Sharp herself, this unique Belizean hot sauce available in 10 different heat levels is exported all over the world. In April 2016, Marie Sharp was personally inducted into the New York City Hot Sauce Hall of Fame.

Marie Sharp

Starting in 1980, local Belizean chef Marie Sharp began developing flavorful sauces made with the peppers, vegetables and fruits grown locally on her family’s farm. Now exported to North America, South America, Europe and Asia, all of the sauces made in the factory are still made from locally-sourced ingredients by a small staff.

Why you have to do the Marie Sharp’s Factory Tour in Belize

The word “factory” calls to mind a giant industrial complex with machines churning out thousands of gallons of product. The factory that makes Marie Sharp’s famous sauces is Belizean in scale, a small and friendly workshop with just two dozen employees. In typical Belize fashion, the employees are more than happy to greet visitors and explain how their famous sauces are made.

Where in Belize is the Marie Sharp’s Factory?

The factory’s official address is Number 1 Melinda Road in Hope Creek Village, Belize just a short distance from Dangriga.

When is the best time to do a tour of the Marie Sharp’s Factory

The factory runs Monday through Friday except for holidays but it’s always best to call ahead to arrange for a tour. The phone number for tours is (501) 532-2087 and they can be contacted at the very appropriate email address of fierylady70@yahoo.com.

How to get to the Marie Sharp’s Factory

From Dangriga, take the Hummingbird Highway past the split to the Southern Highway and then look for signs for Hope Creek Village. From Belize City, take the Coastal Highway south and connect with the Hummingbird Highway, exiting following the signs for Hope Creek Village.

Best way to experience the Marie Sharp’s Factory Tour

The factory is open during the week but it’s a good idea to call ahead to arrange for a tour, especially if you want to get a chance to meet Marie Sharp herself. On-site is a small gift shop where you can stock up on all of the company’s sauces.

To book a tour of Marie Sharp’s Facility, you can contact us via email at msfactorytours@gmail.com or via telephone in country, at 522-0134. 

Tours are open from Monday to Saturday and are typically 40-50 mins long.  

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