Marie Sharp’s Factory Tour: A Unique Taste of Belize

From the fresh seafood pulled out from the Caribbean Sea to the abundant farmland of the Cayo District, Belize is a country with a rich culinary culture, but there are few brands as ubiquitous as Marie Sharp’s. First established in 1980, the line has now grown to include 10 different spice levels — and you can find at least one bottle on practically any dinner table in the country.
Marie Sharp’s Factory Tour: A Unique Taste of Belize - Marie Sharp's Company Store


Marie Sharp is at work each morning at the helm of her family farm, Melinda Estates, in the Stann Creek valley of Belize, Central America.  

For more than 40 years, Marie has consistently made the world's most delicious hot pepper sauces, made from farm fresh vegetables and Tropical fruits. 

Her #womanowned  #womenled company now employs more than 100 breadwinners from local Mayan villages. 


Marie Sharp in red jacket at hot sauce hall of fame awards

A Surprisingly Intimate Factory Tour

Miss Sharp still oversees the operations of the company, and she’s taken a conscientious approach to operating her business by keeping things small enough for her to be able to guarantee quality at every level. Many employees work at the 400-acre farm where the sauce’s habanero peppers are grown and harvested — and Marie Sharp still personally inspects the ingredients to make sure they continue to meet the standards that the company is known for.

That means that the tour is a personal experience that frames the way Belizeans tend to do things. You’ll start by walking the farm to get a feel for how they’re grown and what requirements there are for peppers to be used in the making of Marie Sharp hot sauce. From there, guests have the chance to tour the factory floor and see how the sauce is actually made and bottled. Finally, guests get to taste the product. In addition to the ten different flavors of hot sauce that Marie Sharp’s produces, there’s also a range of jams and jellies. And you can find all of them at the gift shop afterwards.

Stann Creek District aerial view - Belize

Get There in Style

If you want to tour Marie Sharp’s factory, let Uncharted Jewel Belize get you there. The friendly, local, and experienced tour guides and drivers know the country like the back of their hands and can provide you with entertainment and an authentic sense of context to all of your experiences. Book your tour today.

What You Should Know About The Stann Creek District of Belize

Field of habanero at Marie Sharp's family farm in Belize, Central America

The Stann Creek District used to be the tourist equivalent of a flyover state — land that visitors pass through on their way to resort beaches or islands like Ambergris Caye. But what more enterprising travelers realize — and what others are starting to learn — is that this district is one of the country’s richest in terms of culture, and it’s a great launching point for adventures either out on the Caribbean Sea or at a number of inland attractions. And then there are major settlements like Dangriga and Hopkins Village which each have their own unique charm.


Beach Within Reach

Beach Within Reach

Originally established as a safe haven for immigrants escaping persecution, Stann Creek now offers a safe haven from the crowds. Despite miles of beach right along the gorgeous Caribbean Sea, it’s far less crowded than resort spots like Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker. But don’t take that to mean there’s a lack of things to do. Whether you’re looking to go fishing, snorkeling, or scuba diving, you’ll find both the Belize Barrier Reef and a variety of popular diving sites within reach.

Life in the Jungle

Life in the Jungle

The Cayo District in Belize’s western half is prized for its natural beauty, but there are plenty of attractions worth seeing in Stann Creek as well. Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary is a stunning stretch of waterfalls, rainforest, and foothills — and it also happens to be the world’s first jaguar reserve. Another one-of-a-kind experience is the trip down Monkey River. While Cockscomb’s jaguars tend to be elusive, you can count on the simians of Monkey River to make themselves known as you cruise down the waters.

A Vibrant Cultural History

A Vibrant Cultural History
Dangriga is the capital of the Stann Creek District, but many consider it the cultural capital for the entire country. It’s here that the Afro-Caribbean Garifuna people settled, and their unique song, dance, food, and culture permeates everyday life in this town. And there are plenty of ways to immerse yourself in these sorts of experiences firsthand. Head eight miles south to find the town of Hopkins Village — a laid-back beach town that’s developed a thriving expat community.

Get Around With Uncharted Jewel

You don’t need to rent a car to properly explore Stann Creek. Whether you’re looking to have a jungle adventure or simply soak up the local culture, this tour company can make sure that you reach Stann Creek in one piece and help you figure out how best to spend your time in this magical stretch of Belize.

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Tours are open from Monday to Saturday and are typically 40-50 mins long.  

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