Red Hornet Pepper Sauce

Marie Sharp's heirloom habanero's have been stunning culinary aficionados, like yourself, since 1981. It takes many years to produce a new pepper cultivar like the Red Hornet, a cross between a Moruga scorpion pepper and a ghost pepper.

After more than seven generations of planting, and selective breeding, Marie announced to us personally, "I have a new sauce, from my new pepper, and it packs a sting boy!"

The delivery of heat is quite unique, as the habanero settles in with its familiar fruit forward heat, the hornet pepper kicks in hard in the finish.

This is 4 times hotter than Marie's previous hottest sauce.  Enjoy!

Hand selected, fresh Hornet pepper, red Belizean habanero pepper, natural vinegar, hand harvested sea salt, hand chopped white onions, fresh garlic.

Mindfully Made in Belize, Central America.

Customer Reviews

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David Ruderrman (Elk Grove, California)

Gave sampler box as a gift

ANGUS WOODBURY (Wheaton, Illinois)
Don't get stung!

Love Marie's new Red Hornet Sauce! (good thing because I bought 8 bottles on faith) it's hotter than their other sauces and is not carrot based, so while the flavor is still fresh tasting, this sauce really lends itself to a wide variety of foods. This is my new "go to" for Thai food, as well as tacos etc.. caution, the heat is high and sneaks up on you.. but there is none of that chemical taste that you get from similar sauces. Go on, get stung.. I did.

Jared Freeman
Great sauce

A little goes a long way. Pretty spicy. Not the most spicy. But it is got some flavor. I like “Beware” one best so far though as far as flavor goes. But this one has a great heat level

Giovanni Sciarrotta

Flavorful and so good, on just about anything. It packs a good amount of heat as well, so for you pepper lovers out there this, is your bottle. I love this hot sauce, they did a fantastic job, cannot wait to order more.

Mason Kirk
Great flavor

Great flavor, not the hottest but that doesn't matter when you're tasting that beautiful sauce.