Jam - No. 11 Mango, 11 oz


Jam - No. 11 Mango, 11 oz

Product description

Number 11 Mango Jam

Four simple ingredients, one delicious product.

100% WHOLE FRUIT unique blend of delicious Number 11 mangoes (#11) combined with dense Haden mangoes. The #11 mango is considered Mango Royalty and for good reason.

Mango trees sparkle with small pink flowers in January that slowly form into small green mangoes by May.  The green juveniles start ballooning in size as their colors change into a reddish hue preparing for a boost from June showers.  Ripening colors range from pale yellow to deep blue as the seed within is covered in rich dense flesh.

Mango is indigenous to India but is broadly cultivated in many tropical and subtropical regions. Mangifera indica is the scientific name of this fruit, used extensively fresh, in juice, as a flavor, fragrance, color or pickle. The #11 is smaller than the haden mango and not as sweet.  The exquisite, rich flavor and consistency of the pulp makes the best juice.  However, mango farming is not organized, and it is difficult to collect a large quantity of mangoes of the same consistency.  Apple, Bellyful, Blue, Judgewig, Julie, Slipper, Sugar, Thundershock and Number Eleven are just a few commonly seen types of mangoes in Belize. 

Mango varieties vary in color, flavor, firmness, taste and shape/size, fibrous or hairiness. Trees produce more fruit and are better quality along the coast of Belize. 

You have to pick mango at the right time and we work closely with local Garifuna villages such as Hopkins to hand pick perfectly ripened fruit.  This provides valuable income to the community for fruit that would otherwise rot.  As a mango ripens it converts carbohydrates into sugars and the best juice is made with the fully matured mango.  This is why the riper something gets the sweeter it gets, but when it gets overripe the sugar content gets too high.

Belizeans enjoy mangoes when they are “green”, “turn”, “ripe”, and “over ripe” and most Belizeans eagerly await the mango season.

USE Marie Sharp’s Mango Jam

  1. Blended with cream cheese and served with your favorite crackers or crunchy veggie
  2. On your scones and biscuits
  3. Paired with nut butter to take PBJ on a tropical vacation
  4. Glazed over chicken breasts for the perfect crowd pleaser
  5. Scooped on salmon (or favorite local fish) before baking

All Marie Sharp's products are farm-to-bottle made directly at the source, in the foothill valleys of the Maya Mountains.

Ingredients: Tree-Ripened Mango, Raw Turbinado Sugar, Freshly squeezed Key Lime Juice, Fruit Pectin. 

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