Marie Sharp's Belizean Season-All, 10 oz (Red Recado / Annatto / Achiote Paste)



Marie Sharp's Belizean Season-All, 10 oz (Red Recado / Annatto / Achiote Paste)

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Product description

"It's all about that BBQ baste, 'bout that baste, no trouble!"

Marie Sharp's Season All (Red Recado) is a delicious blend of heirloom annatto - grown on the Melinda Estate - fresh fruit vinegar, hand chopped white onion, freshly roasted garlic and secret spices. 

It can comprehensively season and deeply color anything from BBQ barbecue, beef stews to pork, chicken and seafood.  This product is concentrated and contains all the necessary spices for seasoning your dishes. Excellent when used to pre-season BBQ barbecue.  

It is a staple ingredient in the pantries of Belizean families and will become one at your home as well.


1/2 CUP MARIE SHARP’S BELIZEAN SEASON-ALL (per 5LBS of your favorite bird – chicken, turkey, duck)


  • Coat pieces with Season-All

  • Sprinkle with Salt

  • Place in Oven-Proof Dish, Cover with Foil & Bake at 425° for 20-25 minutes*

*Cook Time based on cut pieces.  If whole, use 15 min/pound as a guide.

Makes a succulent, rich red gravy to serve over rice, potatoes or other grains or veggies (add chopped veggies at bake time for some extra yumminess).

Mindfully made in Belize, Central America, by Marie Sharp's - 10 oz (296 ml)

Our Red Recado is the highest quality achiote/annatto-based seasoning product obtainable.  You may find BHTA, sodium benzoate, articial colors and dehydrated spices in most other annatto-based products. 

Annatto - What is it?
"If you're a label reader, you may recognize annatto as one of the ingredients frequently found in a brick of cheddar—it's a natural coloring that gives cheese and other foods a bright orange hue. It comes from the Bixa orellana, a tropical plant commonly known as achiote or lipstick tree (from one of its uses). The ground seeds are a common spice in Mexican, Caribbean and Filipino dishes. The seeds are a brick-red color, about five millimeters long, and shaped like little puppy teeth.

Annatto is native to tropical regions in Mexico, Central America, South America and the Caribbean. It was used by ancient Mayans as a body paint, and by Aztecs to deepen the color of their chocolate drink, according to the Handbook of Spices, Seasonings and Flavorings by Susheela Raghavan.

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