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Original Fiery Hot Pepper Sauce

Fresh red Belizean Habanero Pepper, Hand Chopped Carrots, Natural Vinegar, Hand Chopped White Onions, Sea Salt, Freshly Squeezed Key Lime Juice, and Fresh Garlic - Mindfully made in Belize, Central America.

The Fiery Hot (Gold Label) is one of Marie Sharp's original carrot-based recipes and continues as a best seller.

#1 Selling Habanero Pepper sauce in the world. Available in more than 30 countries.

Customer Reviews

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Chad Munson

Original Fiery Hot Pepper Sauce

You will not regret buying this!

I love hot sauce, I have tried soooo many but I got to say this Fiery hot gold label is my go-to. The flavor is so fresh and the heat is perfect. I put this on eggs,chili,pizza,nachos....
My bf teases me about having so much of Marie Sharp hot sauce but I don't care. Excellent sauce, great price.

dale work
always 5 stars!

the fiery hot pepper sauce was my FIRST encounter with Marie Sharp's products. then grapefruit, orange peel, mango, Belizean Heat, Smokin' Marie, and finally Red Hornet. fiery hot will always be my favorite!

FIery Hot is just hot enough!! Love them all, like you, but definitely agree, personally. Thank you for leaving a great review! It means a lot to us!!

Wyatt Hinkson
Simply the Best

If you are reading this then don't think about, just buy it. There are no regrets with Marie Sharp's. The flavor is incredible and not overbearing like others that drown out the taste of the food you are eating. Marie Sharp's is complimentary to any dish you are bold enough to put it on and with various options for intensity you can get the heat level dialed into your personal preference. If you haven't tried it then you need to but be warned, you won't want anything else after you do.

Thank you, Wyatt, for the stellar review! Thank you for the love!!

Celanese Coleman

Original Fiery Hot Pepper Sauce