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containing 3 x 10 oz. Bottles:
  1. Maya Mike Belizean Barbacoa Original All Purpose Sauce
  2. Maya Mike Belizean Barbacoa Medium All Purpose Sauce
  3. Maya Mike Belizean Barbacoa Smoked All Purpose Sauce

Attention 🌶 Grill Masters!

Get all three of this highly acclaimed new product.

The pack consists of three flavors:

  • Original WHITE LABEL (no Heat)
  • Medium YELLOW LABEL (Quite Hot)
  • Smoked Concentrate RED LABEL (SM + Quite Hot)

Maya Mike's Belizean Barbacoa All Purpose Sauce, 10 oz., (296 ml) - Hand-picked fresh green mangoes, fresh tamarind, scorched raisins, fresh ginger, cane sugar, natural vinegar, hand chopped white onions, fresh roasted garlic, red Belizean habanero peppers and spices.

Complex aromatics / Balanced flavor

This incredible condiment possesses the perfect balance of heat and flavor. Hand harvested red habanero peppers indigenous to the Yucatan are naturally fruitwood-smoked and blended with ripe whole fruits and crushed native herbal seasonings and roots to make an authentic sauce with rich culinary depth.

There are traditionally five known fundamental tastes in the human palate: salty, sweet, sour, bitter, and umami. Umami is the proteiny, full-bodied taste of aged cheese, soy sauce, or cooked tomato. “Umami adds body.”  Capsaicin derived from capsicum can genuinely be considered the “sixth” taste. 

Maya Mike’s new Belizean Barbacoa is a versatile condiment harmoniously balancing the six tastes, with a rich depth and complex aromatics. 

 - Mindfully made in Belize, Central America.

Detailed descriptions of all three sauces are available on the main site, but essentially, Original has little perceptible heat, the medium has a fair UNSMOKED habanero kick, and the Smokin' Hot is quite habanero hot and exquisite.  

This sauce 3-pack is ideal for discerning palates. 

The sauce functions as a BBQ sauce or marinade, a hot sauce or BBQ sauce or as a gravy base in an typical standard french sauce such as: 

1. Béchamel

This is roux whisked with milk or other dairy to make a white sauce. Ever made macaroni and cheese or chicken pot pie? The base of both these dishes is béchamel. By itself, béchamel is quite bland, which is why it is usually cooked with other ingredients and not used as a finishing sauce.

2. Velouté

A velouté is a light roux whisked with chicken, turkey, fish or any other clear stock. The resulting sauce takes on the flavor of the stock, and the name is derived from the French word for velvet, which aptly describes this smooth but light and delicate sauce. It is usually served over fish or poultry that has been delicately cooked, like by poaching or steaming.

3. Espagnole

Sauce espagnole is a basic brown sauce. It's made of brown beef or veal stock, tomato puree, and browned mirepoix, all thickened with a very dark brown roux. This sauce is sometimes used at the foundation for boeuf bourguinon and demi-glace.

4. Sauce Tomat

This is made by cooking tomatoes down into a thick sauce but used to also be thickened with roux. Unlike more modern-day tomato sauces, the classic French tomato sauce is flavored with pork and aromatic vegetables.

5. Hollandaise (& w/sour cream, cream cheese, or yogurt sauces)

This is the one mother sauce not thickened by a roux. Instead, it's thickened by an emulsion of egg yolk and melted butter, which means it's a stable mixture of two things that usually normally can't blend together. This is a very delicate sauce because the emulsion can easily break, and rich hollandaise is usually used as a dipping sauce for asparagus or a finishing sauce for dishes like eggs Benedict.

Check out this delicious recipe!

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