GALLON SIZES - WHOLESALE CASES - 4 PK CASE (All Your Favorite Flavors)

Nationwide, chef's are switching from Frank's to MARIE SHARP'S ORIGINAL HABANERO PEPPER SAUCES.

No where is this phenomenon more prevalent than in Chicken Wings recipes. 

Make the switch from Frank's, substitute Marie Sharp's. Use honey instead of caro syrup and Marie Sharp's instead of Frank's or someone else. 


MARIE SHARP'S HABANERO pepper sauces are more versatile than Frank's and other common brands because we are NON-Fermented, vegetable/fruit-based, not vinegar-based.

We allow superior integration into all classic sauces for example: Bechamel, Veloute, Espagnole, Sauce Tomat, Hollandaise, and yes, we transform Mayonnaise and Ranch Dressing. Did you say Habanero Ranch Dip?

FRESH, Authentic, 100% WHOLE vegetable/fruit based habanero pepper sauces in the following flavors:

  2. Garlic (NEW)
  3. Grapefruit Pulp
  4. Mango (NEW)
  5. Orange Pulp
  6. Nopal
  7. Smoked (Fruit-wood smoked habanero)
Please call or email if shipping rate comes up to high!

SUBSTITUTE us for them.


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