Kids Scholarships sponsored by Marie Sharp's USA

Maya Mike is committed to improving the lives of the people of Belize by paying premium prices to farmers and makers, and investing in the future, the children.  To that end, we have established a scholarship fund to send children to school from the various villages in Belize.  

Payment towards the High School tuition costs of a Belizean farmer’s child.  This reward, at less than $1 per day, has substantial, meaningful and lasting impact on this vital community, our food supply and Earth.  It will help facilitate responsible agroforestry practices, help reduce deforestation and result in the production of better-quality products for our families.

Maya Mountain Research Farm

MMRF is one of Central Americas oldest permaculture project. It was founded in 1988 when Christopher Nesbitt bought an abandoned citrus and cattle farm. Over the last decades, it has been transformed into a very productive food forest. There are over 500 species of plants worked with on an annual cycle. In addition to the large agroforestry system, rabbits and poultry are raised, and training in permaculture, agroforestry and renewable energy is conducted.

Located 2 miles from the Kekchi Maya community of San Pedro Columbia, in the foothills of the Maya Mountains southern flank, the farm is only accessible through trail, or by river.

There are beds for up to 24 students, and internships and training are offered throughout the year. MMRF is a great place to intern and learn about tropical ecology and agriculture.  A Permaculture Design Course is offered every year.

We are grateful for your support of the new Maya Mike line of Mindfully Made products and the Belizean community. 

This photo is of our scholarship recipient,  Delverine Makin, in her new school uniform and new school bag.  It was taken in front of her high school, Julian Cho High School in Columbia Village, Belize (Fall 2018).

This dream was made possible by You, our customer, and your generous, unforgettable support allowing us to make this donation.

Coming in 2019, Delverine will be interviewing with us to describe her experience and give advice on further developing our program.

Research is underway for our next scholarship candidate.