Sweet Habanero Chili Dipping Sauce

Red habanero peppers, hand chopped white onions, fresh garlic, fresh cilantro, raw Belizean sugar, natural vinegar, freshly squeezed Key lime juice and pectin.


Think liquid pepper jelly or your favorite Asian dipping sauce that you get with coconut shrimp or spring rolls!

Sweet meets a hint of heat in this bottled liquid gold, making it an instant crowd pleaser! 

Amazing versatility in the kitchen turning the ordinary into the extraordinary in just a snap.  Use as a dip for coconut shrimp, drizzle over ice cream, create a simple salad dressing, pour over whipped cream cheese and serve with crackers - possibilities are endless!

This sauce is very mild, with little perceptible heat.




Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Jamie Crawford

Marie Sharp's really doesn't make a bad sauce. I love all thier stuff. Great product and awesome customer service.

Marion Avery (Auburn, Alabama)

This sauce is excellent. It has many uses. I thoroughly enjoy it with a sharp cheese, galletas and sangria.

Larry Corcoran (New York, New York)
In a pinch

I try to eat healthier meals, and I needed a flavorful alternative to add to my sliced cucumbers. BAM! Sweet Chili Habanero Sauce gives great flavor and the right amount of mild "kick!" Loving it!

Kelso H. (Detroit, Michigan)
tried as a sample, bought full bottle

We got the tiny bottle as a sample and my husband liked it so much we bought a full size bottle. Its a bit sweet for me, but perfect for certain dishes. We like it as a spicy alternative to spring roll dipping sauce from our local take out.

Mark A. (Lincoln, Nebraska)

Hot sauce is hard for me to handle, but with Marie's dipping sauce it's full steam ahead!

Jerrene N. (Boise, Idaho)
Best on pizza

This is my favorite on pizza. It makes me want to order pizza every night just so I can have more sweet habanero chili sauce.

David P.
Packaged excellent and so far

Packaged excellent and so far what I have tried has tasted amazing

James K. (Humble, Texas)
Like Duck sauce

Good for eggs rolls and chicken

Jackie G. (Fort Myers, Florida)
Hot sauce

I love all of the ones I got! They are so good and flavorful, I put it on everything now!

Samantha S. (Kingsport, Tennessee)
Queen of the Habeneri

I love how flavorful Marie Sharps sauces are. This sauce is great on anything but especially grilled chicken.