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Jelly - Green Habanero Jelly, 11 oz

This is the pepper jelly for which your cream cheese has been waiting.

Fresh Green Habanero Pepper Pieces, Onions, Garlic, Cilantro, Raw Sugar, Natural Vinegar, Lime Juice, Pectin.

Customer Reviews

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Marty K.
Not Quite Sure What It Is

I bought this because I like the fruit jellies from Marie Sharps (along with all their sauces), and I really like the sweet habanero hot sauce. In fact I have put that on toast many times and it's great that way. So I was hoping this would be kinda like that. My disappointment with this jelly is minor - it tastes pretty good, I just can't figure out how to use it. It's not quite sweet enough for toast and it's a little too firm. They recommended a savory appetizer use, which I tried and wasn't blown away by. So I'm left a little confused by it - I think for me it's a little too firm, a little too salty, and not quite sweet enough. If it tipped towards the traditional jelly end and were more like the sweet habanero sauce I would be eating through jars of it on my toast.

Paula A.
Great Products!!!

I love all the products...I thought, why not try the pepper jelly! We used it as a grilled chicken condiment for our Mother's Day barbeque. It was FABULOUS! Thank you for making such great products! Paula

Lawrence O.
Green Habanero jelly

Melted some with Mango habanero for chicken wings
Also made a grilled cheese with Muenster cheese and a slice of ham with green habanero jelly - fantastic
Love this stuff
I need some of the red habanero jelly next