Hand Roasted Belizean Whole Coffee Beans


Hand Roasted Belizean Whole Coffee Beans

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Discover the unique flavor of this rare, single origin, low elevation, whole coffee bean from the verdant hills of Victoria Peak, one of Belize's tallest mountains. Coffee grown in Belize is world-class, rarely exported and is consumed almost exclusively by local residents.

These beans from Central America are among the highest quality available in the world.  They are freshly picked and hand-roasted, in local Mayan villages in the Stann Creek district, across the border from Guatemala. This ancient hand roasting method brings the depth and flavor of an exotic coffee plantation right to your mug.

The regions coffee is renowned for its rich flavor - the perfect balance of full bodied, strong and sweet with a gentle acidity and complex flavor notes - but Guatemalan coffee is said to be the jewel of the central American coffee industry.  Many fast casual chains such as Starbucks, Peet's and others, use beans from this lovely Central American nation. 

Maya Mountains

The Maya Mountains are a range of hills located primarily in west-central Belize, extending across the border into eastern Guatemala, where it descends gradually, eventually becoming the Vaca Plateau. Finally, it falls more abruptly to the coastal plain east and north of Belize.

The Maya Mountains are mainly made of Paleozoic-era granite and sediments. The highest points (Doyle's Delight and Victoria Peak) occur in the transverse Cockscomb Range, which extends seaward perpendicularly from the main divide.

Punching through the gloriously verdant jungles of southern Belize, Victoria Peak is one of the major attractions and a challenge for mountain climbing aficionados. Victoria Peak is the second-highest point in Belize, and the country’s smallest protected conservation area. At 3,670 feet (1,120 meters) high, Victoria Peak commands an impressive view of the southern district of Belize.

The ecology of Victoria Peak is slightly different than the surrounding Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, a thick, heavily forested area replete with waterfalls at lower elevations and smaller, hardier plants found at higher elevations.

The hike to the summit of Victoria Peak offers a lot of physical challenges while allowing visitors to explore the eco-diversity of the area, which includes bird species, broad-leafed trees, and all five of Belize’s big cat species.

1 x 12.5 ounce bag packed for immediate consumption - Medium Roast - Grind to a 5 or 6 and consume immediately.

Limited Quantities available - Shipments from Belize arrive weekly.

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