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Beware Comatose Habanero Pepper Sauce

Fiery Hot Belizean Habanero Peppers, Capsicum Oil, Fresh Carrots, Natural Vinegar, Freshly Squeezed Key Lime Juice, Belizean Tomato, Spices, Hand Chopped White Onions, Fresh Garlic, Hand harvested Sea Salt.


Customer Reviews

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Best hot sauce on the market

I've probably had 100 different hot sauces over the years and immediately got hooked on this one. I've turned at least 5 other people onto it and they got hooked too.
I even mix Beware with Gray Poupon and put it on ham... wow, you need to try that, it's really really good.

Nicholas Marian
Beware, Fiery Hot or Belizean Heat?

Can't decide on one so I rotate through all three. I purchase by the gallon (Private use). Marie's was kind enough to include a 10 ounce bottle of Red Hornet Sauce, which I'm looking forward to trying. There is and always will be Marie Sharps in my house. Cook it down in the sun and experiment with those crusty salty and sweet flavors!

We hope you love the Red Hornet! Nice permanent rotation of gallons! <3

Lex B
Beware how great it is - you'll buy a lot!

Beware is my second favorite sauce from MS, after Belizean Heat. Where Belizean Heat is my everyday sauce, Beware is what I use when I want a little more of a kick (but not a Red Hornet bigger kick!). One or two drops are nice and spicy, but it also compounds really well if you want to make something hotter!! It lingers for a pleasant amount of time, as well, but not so much that it gets uncomfortable at all. And as usual, the flavor is perfect.

Lex, this is a stellar review! Beware is so good! I love the lingering heat too. Thank you for your review and support!!

Marcus Reech
Everything I want in a pepper sauce

With basically the same wonderful flavor as Marie's Original, Beware adds an additional "kick" that is satisfying to a heat & flavor lover like me. The best way I can say it: It enhances without overwhelming.

David Wolfe
In love with Marie

My good friend Olive Woodeye from P.G Belize brought several cases to us a few years ago. My favorite is the comatose habanero, my second is cactus and green habanero. Truth is I like them all, just got a sample bottle of grapefruit/ habanero and it was tasty too. Thanks Marie from a loyal pepper head will be a life long customer.