Belizean Heat Habanero Pepper Sauce

Belizean Heat is a fan favorite in the legendary lineup of Marie Sharp's carrot-based habanero pepper sauces.  Hand selected, fresh red Belizean habanero peppers, natural vinegar, hand chopped carrots, fluffy snowy white hand harvested sea salt, hand chopped white onions, freshly squeezed key lime juice, fresh tomato puree, freshly roasted garlic, capsicum and spices -

Mindfully Made in Belize, Central America.

Customer Reviews

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Timothy McClelland (Canonsburg, Pennsylvania)
Best Hot Sauce I've Ever Had

This sauce is more than just hot. It has great flavor, too. Best tasting hot sauce I've ever had.

Thank you, Timothy! You have exquisite taste in hot sauce!

L.B. (Winchester, Virginia)
Love Marie Sharp's!

I love ALL of the sauces I've tried from MS (~10 sauces), but this one is my favorite. It's hot but not too hot, a good sauce to share with people that love spicy food and people interested in increasing their tolerance of spice. Whereas something like Beware might be too hot for some, and Smokin' Marie's lingers more and coats the mouth, Belizean Heat is at first a somewhat challenging spice that gentles quickly into delicious flavor. Love it!

Chloe Martinez (Gladstone, New Jersey)
great stuff!

fiancé and his kids are obsessed!

George Pronesti (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Your hot sauce is an indispensable part of our diet. We put it on everything we eat from eggs to spaghetti. It enhances our enjoyment of everything we eat. Thank you.

Neil Roberts (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)

I love this stuff!

Sarah Kemp (Phoenix, Arizona)
🔥 Amazing Flavor 🔥

I bought two bottles of the Belizean variety because my husband had tried it in Mexico and loved it. All 5 of us in the family love it, down to the 9 year old! It's hot, but doesn't burn your mouth for hours, and the flavor is top-notch. It's got just the right amount of tang to heat to sweet, and none of the vinegary after-taste that cheapo sauces have. We'll definitely be buying again. And will try out some of the other flavors as well.

Nathan Wolfe
Love it

Unlike a well known competitor, i really do put this s**t on everything

Brea Kelly
My favorite

This is my favorite pepper sauce from Marie sharps. It has a kick!!

Judy Sattanno
World’s Best Hot Sauce

We first learned about Belizean Heat on a cruise in 2008. We would buy it every time we were there. Covid changed that and we were out. Luckily found it on line and bought a gallon. The flavor is so good and unique. Both my children like it. My daughter also bought a gallon.

Gallon's are the best!! No worrying about finding an empty bottle when you want some the most!! Thank you for the great review, Judy!!

Zane Aitken
Delicious, but not too spicy

If you like heat, but also want to savor the flavors of your food (and this amazing line of hot sauce) this is truly delightful choice.