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Belizean Steak Sauce | 11.5 oz
Karl Thompson (Salt Lake City, Utah)
Every hot sauce this company makes is the Gold standard

Nothing better out there i know I’ve looked

Great Pepper Sauce

I love all of Marie Sharp’s sauces, my favorite pepper sauce.

Great pepper sauces

I love all of Marie Sharp’s sauces, my favorite pepper sauces.

Great pepper sauce

I love all of Marie Sharp’s sauces, my favorite pepper sauces.

Jam - Guava, 11 oz
Phil Frazier (Payson, Arizona)
Guava Jam

We discovered this little jewel during a recent trip to Belize and fell in love with the jam on our fry jacks. One taste and it takes us back to our happy place!

Original Fiery Hot Pepper Sauce
Wyatt Hinkson (Montrose, Colorado)
Simply the Best

If you are reading this then don't think about, just buy it. There are no regrets with Marie Sharp's. The flavor is incredible and not overbearing like others that drown out the taste of the food you are eating. Marie Sharp's is complimentary to any dish you are bold enough to put it on and with various options for intensity you can get the heat level dialed into your personal preference. If you haven't tried it then you need to but be warned, you won't want anything else after you do.

Thank you, Wyatt, for the stellar review! Thank you for the love!!

Original Hot Pepper Sauce
C.W. (Palm Harbor, Florida)
Belize Hot Sauce

I lived in belize for 10 years and was never without Marie Sharps hot sauce. When I move back to the states I went through withdrawal. I was so excited to find this company .

We are super glad that you found us, also! Thank you so much for the review!

Pick 4 - 5 oz Sauces
Lawrence Spies (Willis, Texas)
4 hots deal

Great deal! I have tried 8 Marie Sharp's hot sauces. All delicious! The PURE LOVE Pineapple Habanero Sauce, Green Cactus Habanero sauce, are my two favorites, Mango, Garlic, and Smoked are a very close second.

Original Fiery Hot Pepper Sauce
Celanese Coleman (Houston, Texas)

Original Fiery Hot Pepper Sauce

Jam - Cavendish Banana, 11 oz
CHarles Padilla (Santa Fe, New Mexico)
Jam - Cavendish Banana

This jam is absolutely awesome and Everything I ordered from the jams to the hot sauces, ARE Fabulous.

Beware Comatose Habanero Pepper Sauce
Nicholas Marian (Miami, Florida)
Beware, Fiery Hot or Belizean Heat?

Can't decide on one so I rotate through all three. I purchase by the gallon (Private use). Marie's was kind enough to include a 10 ounce bottle of Red Hornet Sauce, which I'm looking forward to trying. There is and always will be Marie Sharps in my house. Cook it down in the sun and experiment with those crusty salty and sweet flavors!

We hope you love the Red Hornet! Nice permanent rotation of gallons! <3

Original Hot Pepper Sauce
J. (Monroe, Connecticut)
#1 for a reason

Use daily, consistently fresh & delicious!

No Wimps Allowed Habanero Pepper Sauce
J. (Monroe, Connecticut)
Hunka Burning Love

My go to for serious heat, never disappoints.

Sweet & Spicy

Very flavorful sweet and bold

Belizean Barbacoa, Caribbean BBQ, Smokin' Hot, 10 oz (NEW)
Harrington (Charlotte, North Carolina)
Love this stuff!

I am a Barbacoa junkie. I mix it with Blue Cheese or Ranch dressing and it makes a yummy sauce to dip. It’s great on any fish or meat.

Original Hot Pepper Sauce
M. (Anaheim, California)
Marie Sharp’s white label

I’ve used Marie Sharp’s white label habanero sauce in excess of a decade. The bright, fresh flavor is beyond compare. You will not find better on the entire planet.

Original Mild Pepper Sauce
Maria del Castillo-Gonzalez (Decatur, Georgia)
Just wonderful!

I’ve been looking for the mild sauce in every grocery store I go to…..nothing! I can’t handle the extra hot (when you’re talking about habaneros there is no need IMHO) when I figured I’d try the site. I am so happy it arrived!VERY welll packed and timel

T-Shirt - Natural Wonders - Unisex
Rob Anderson Anderson (Belleville, Illinois)

My favorite Marie Sharps T-shirt. Hope you keep selling them. Thanks

Grapefruit Pulp Habanero Sauce
William Moore (Sulphur Springs, Texas)

One of my favorites of all the Marie Sharp collection. Not too hot, but enough to get your attention. Flavor is a wonderful addition to just about any food. Try it on fish, scrambled eggs, just about anything!

Tasting Flight | 12-Pack Set
Lorne Jacobson (Cross Plains, Tennessee)

Tasting Flight | 12-Pack Set

Garlic Habanero Pepper Sauce
Mark Robinson (Memphis, Tennessee)
Perfect Products Every Time

The products from Marie Sharp’s are some of the best I’ve ever enjoyed. I love the story behind the company and the customer service always exceeds expectations. Im a customer for life!

Original Fiery Hot Pepper Sauce
Terry Lipari (Valley Springs, California)

By far, MY FAVORITE HOT SAUCE and go to condiment!

Jam - Coconut Spread, 11 oz
Shana Kelly (Byron Center, Michigan)
For true coconut fans!

I love this jam so much! Great flavor and texture, I put it on toast every morning!

Original Fiery Hot Pepper Sauce
RH (Cape Elizabeth, Maine)
Great stuff.

In Belize you see Marie Sharp on the table of every restaurant. Try it and you'll understand why.

Amazing stuff

I find myself deciding what to cook and eat based on whether I can put this sauce on it. I've never gone through a bottle of sauce so fast.

I love to plan what I am going to eat around which Marie Sharp's sauce I am going to use. Glad to know I am not alone:) Cheers!