Original Fiery Hot Pepper Sauce

Fresh red Belizean Habanero Pepper, Hand Chopped Carrots, Natural Vinegar, Hand Chopped White Onions, Sea Salt, Freshly Squeezed Key Lime Juice, and Fresh Garlic - Mindfully made in Belize, Central America.


The Fiery Hot (Gold Label) is one of Marie Sharp's original carrot-based recipes and continues as a best seller.

#1 Selling Habanero Pepper sauce in the world. Available in more than 30 countries.

Customer Reviews

Based on 80 reviews
john seidler
None better

Best pepper sauce I've ever had. I put it on everything. Especially good to kick up your wing sauce with

Michael Patterson
Hot Flavor Enhancer

This one is the best! I would say that goal of Marie’s is not to burn you up and give you a bad morning. When you try it, it just makes everything better! Light applications or take off the top and pout it on…. Either way it adds flavor!

Michelle Renae Davis
Love it!

This sauce has some nice heat with great taste! It is great on tacos, eggs, and everything!

Kyle Webb
Greatest Hot Sauce in the World

There's not a hot sauce in the world that can even come close to competing with Marie Sharps. Anyone who thinks Melinda's even comes close to Marie's either lost all their taste buds, or has been bribed, because it can't come close. So few hot sauces have actual flavor, and those that do can't even compare to Marie's. The heat is amazing, but the carrot habanero flavor is out of this world. I've been buying Marie's since tasting it at a little restaurant in Belize 5 years ago. I use to order it by the case from importers. I have withdraws when I run out and even offered a restaurant $15 for one of their mini bottles one time when I ran out at home and was waiting for my sauce to come in the mail. I use to worry every day that a time would come when I couldn't get Marie's in the US and decided if that day came I would pack up and move to Belize. I'm not joking, this stuff is the most amazing stuff in the world. I always have a gallon jug of the Fiery hot, Green Cactus, and Smoked Habanero in my fridge. I had to buy a mini Fridge last year to store the stuff because I didn't have room for food in my fridge. Thank you Marie Sharp's, you're amazing, don't ever change and please don't ever go out of business, I won't know what to do with myself.

Kyle- You just made our day!!! We appreciate the words and the loyalty soooo much!! Thank you for this review, it is epic:)

Nick Staley
Always the best!

This hot sauce never disappoints. I've tried hot sauce from all over the world and this is my number one choice. Great flavor and comfortable burn.