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Green Cactus Habanero Pepper Sauce


Hand chopped fresh Belizean Nopal, green habanero pepper, natural vinegar, freshly squeezed key lime juice, sea salt, hand chopped white onions and fresh garlic - Mindfully made by Marie Sharp in Belize, Central America.


Nopal, or Opuntia cacti, are native to arid areas of Central, South and North America.  There are more than one hundred and fourteen species endemic to Mexico and the Yucatan, where the plant is a common ingredient in numerous dishes.  

Marie uses Nopalin this extraordinary way, as a base for a delicious, vegetable forward sauce that is unlike any other "green" sauce you or your loved ones have tried.  Get Marie's Green Habanero pepper sauce NOW and experience the clean, natural flavor of nopal, for yourself!

Customer Reviews

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Hot Sauce Snob
My favorite green sauce

Hands down, this is one of the best green hot sauces out there. It's just so balanced in both flavor and heat. Flavor is bold, but not overpowering in any way. Starts subtlety sweet and salty, then full on habanero flavor takes over. A soft vinegar and onion flavor comes in late. Heat is mild'ish for someone with a fairly high tolerance for heat, but it does build over time and it does linger. I imagine the uninitiated will get smoked out really fast as they will over do it due to the delicious flavor. My only complaint (not really a complaint) is that that sauce is REALLY good but I am a hot head, so the bottle only lasts 2-3 days. I might liven up my next bottle with some extract.

Thomas Gonya
Green cactus And Haberno 👍👍👍

Tried the sample pack at work, between 4 guys 10 oz bottle gone in 2 days so we split a gallon to keep at work so we never run out!! Winner!!!!

I always tell people, gallons are the answer! So underrated!!!!

Great pepper sauces

I love all of Marie Sharp’s sauces, my favorite pepper sauces.

I put this on everything!

This is my fav hot sauce of all time! I put it on Eggs/Pizza and just about everything. Not too spicy but also has the perfect kick. I like that it is made with natural ingredients. Straight from Belize to my kitchen


One of the few hot sauces whose bottle heads toward empty whenever I use it. Many have flavor, many have pleasant heat. Few have both.

Thank you for taking the time to review. We love that you enjoy our sauces!! I think it is time for you to give Red Hornet a try!