Belizean Steak Sauce | 11.5 oz

The planet's best Brown sauce!

If you like A1, HP or Pickapeppa, you will love this!

Marie Sharp's Original Recipe Belizean Steak Sauce, 11.5 oz. 

Hand-picked Green mangoes, fresh tamarind, juicy raisins, fresh ginger, cane sugar, natural vinegar, hand chopped white onions, fresh roasted garlic, red Belizean habanero peppers and spices - Mindfully made in Belize, Central America.

"Marie Sharp's Exotic Sauce. Made in Belize, the former British Honduras. You were thinking of Grenada. Cooked up first in the kitchen by Marie and her family, now by 20 employees who are like family. No salt. No oil. A little spicy and and very delicious. Ingredients: fresh green mangoes, tamarind, raisins, ginger, sugar, vinegar, onions, garlic, Habanero peppers and spices.

Worcestershire and Marie Sharp's Exotic are the two best steak sauces in the world. Sometimes I get to the point where a add a little Worcestershire, Marie Sharp's or Saigon Sizzle to everything." - Roger Ebert - November 1, 2008

Better than A1 or HP! - Belizean Barbacoa sauce is based on this recipe.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
nika paet (Chula Vista, California)

It tasted very good!! great flavor and love the bottle :)

James Ligon (Boydton, Virginia)
Steak sauce

Really thick, flavorful and rich. Add some Smokin Marie to it for the perfect blend

Joseph Rucinski (Cedar Lake, Indiana)
Steak sauce

One of the better sauces I've had.

Michael Rutledge
Great Flavor

I was very surprised how good this sauce was. I love heat, but in a steak sauce it needs to be subtle, and this is perfect.

robin harris
Belizean Steak Sauce

My favorite