🍋 So you want to try a Yuzu hot sauce?

🍋 So you want to try a Yuzu hot sauce? - Marie Sharp's Company Store

🥕 You may be aware that Marie Sharp's original recipes started with a fresh carrot base, one of the perfect delivery mechanisms for heat in the vegetable kingdom.  

Ms. Marie had been successfully making several different sauces from carrot for more than twenty years when one day, the general manager from the Citrus Company of Belize approached with a problem.  He asked Marie if she could use their waste product from citrus juice production, the orange and grapefruit pulp, because the expense of disposal was high, and it seemed wasteful to him.

Marie was aware that her Japanese customers enjoyed an unusual sauce called "Yuzu kosho" (also called Yuzu gosho) is a type of condiment that is made by seasoning a paste of chili and yuzu peel with salt and then matured. It is regarded as a specialty of Oita Prefecture and is known as a common seasoning in the northern part of Kyushu.  

One of the most popular citrus fruits in Japan, yuzu is about the size of a tangerine with a sour flavor, refreshing aroma and high acidity. Unlike other citrus fruits, which tend to grow best in warm coastal areas, yuzu thrive in colder, more mountainous regions. 

The manager from the Citrus Company was delighted when Marie agreed to test the pulp and determine the suitability as an ingredient or base of a product. 

Marie set out to up cycle this nutritious waste product and turn it into a delicious sauce, and the result led to the creation of two of her most unique and refreshing sauces, the Orange Pulp and Grapefruit Pulp Habanero Pepper sauces.  

These sauces are especially popular in sushi and seafood restaurants where citrus flavors reign supreme.

Marie's sauces are revered for their balanced, clean habanero fruit bouquet, gorgeous velvety texture, and exquisite taste. 

For drink recipes, the Orange & Grapefruit Pulp sauces are particularly well suited, with bright, citrus forward flavors that incorporate especially well with everything from craft cocktails to your favorite Margarita, Michelada or Sangrita!

Marie Sharp's sauces are called "Pepper Sauces" revealing the focus on the fruit versus vinegar.  They are non-fermented: lacking the astringency and acidity typically found in common vinegar-based hot sauces.

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