Best Buy, not "Best by"

March 07, 2020


Marie Sharp's USA has made a commitment to uphold an environmental and consumer-friendly standard. In order to prevent contribution to the food waste epidemic in America, Marie Sharp's encourages consumers to look past the "best if used by" date when products still remain at peak freshness! 

Read more on the environmental impact of food waste here.

Does "Best if used by" equal, "Expired"?

NO! "Best if used by" is considered a marketing tool to promote sales and push products off shelves quickly. This is why as a result, 84% of people throw out food when it’s close to the package date at least occasionally. In reality, these products are still fresh, yummy, and safe to consume.

Marie Sharp's is offering its customers a limited time special of Delicious original  HOT or MILD flavors in a CASE OF 12 for $23.99, (unbeatably priced at $1.99/5oz bottle), because best by date is not an expiration date. Dates of Feb and Mar 2020 reflect the product's peak and will have the same quality and flavor one expects to taste when opening any famous Marie Sharp's products: Tasty carrot and habanero sauces that set the gold standard of pepper sauces.