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Marie's sauces are now in more than 5000 stores!


Everything is made at the Marie Sharp's family farm in the foothills of the Maya Mountains in Belize, Central America.

Marie Sharp's products are among the rare brands made from whole fruits and vegetables. Our sauces are 100% gluten-free, vegan and ideal for ketogenic lifestyles.

There are no fillers, preservatives, colors, thickeners for mechanical adhesion or other manufacturing tricks used by the common table sauce brands.

Who is Marie Sharp?

Yes. Marie is very real and the brand name is a registered US Trademark.

We speak to Ms. Marie each week as she is very involved in the business.

Since 1980, Marie has crafted recipes using the habanero pepper long before it was a household name. From 1980 until 1994, Marie's sauces were sold under the brand name Melinda's, named for her 400-acre farm in Belize — Melinda Estate.

At 80 years young, Marie is an active CEO starting work every day at 8:00 a.m. Four generations of family members report to Marie, who is in full command of day-to-day operations.

The undisputed "Queen of Habanero" sells her sauce in more than 30 different countries. Marie Sharp's brand is the #1 Habanero Pepper Sauce in the world.

Yes! Four generations of Marie Sharp's family work in the business in various different capacities. Dion Gongora, Marie Sharp's grandson, also works in the United States at Marie Sharp's USA.